28th February 2011 - 0 comments
So often I listen to photographers struggle with the thorny subject of calibration - in particular screen-to-print "match".
Recently I read a short article by an American photographer, Richard Seiling which explained everything in a concise and easy to understand manner.
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Brian Hopper EFIAP - Excellence FIAP
21st February 2011 - 1 comment
When I stepped down from my duties as National Distinctions Secretary on the IPF Council I was able to concentrate on the paperwork required for an EFIAP Distinction. I was awarded my EFIAP (Excellence - FIAP) at the finals of the IPF Print & Projected Images competition in Athlone on Sunday 20th February 2011 by Mr. Freddy Van Gilbergen , Director of FIAP Distinctions Services.

Having amassed over 500 acceptances with over 50 awards I had little problem fulfilling the criteria for the EFIAP - a minimum of 150 acceptances using a minimum of 50 different works in a minimum of 30 International salons in at least 15 different countries - no mean feat !
22nd January 2011 - 1 comment
A running total of awards / acceptances for 2011.

Awards(2011) :33.

Total To Date: 73 awards with 759 acceptances.

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15th January 2011 - 0 comments

We spent last weekend in London and had the usual mix of family activities which, you guessed by now, also included a little photography. One of the unexpected highlights included a guided tour of The King’s Troop Royal Force Artillery in St John’s Wood by Sgt. Ian Vernon (accompanied by Sid). This visit was organised by my sister Miriam and was a surprise as we did not know what to expect. Amazing to find this facility with 120 of the top horses in service so close to central London – Regents Park. Ian proudly showed his photograph of the King’s Troop on parade in a snow covered Regent’s Park recently - an amazing “timeless” picture – I was sorry it wasn’t one of my own.
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27th December 2010 - 0 comments
This photograph by Associated Press photographer, Morry Gash, has been described as one of the best sports shots, ever !
What makes it so special ?
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22nd December 2010 - 0 comments
I had a super year in 2010 and here is a listing of the medal haul !
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WARNING - Motorcycle Racing is Dangerous !
16th December 2010 - 0 comments
"Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club, welcome & greatfully appreciate the attendance, involvement & contribution of all Press & Photographers. We wish you a very enjoyable & safe weekend".
As an accredited photographer you are handed a slip which explains the dangers involved in road racing.

What exactly does the warning mean ?

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The final picture - have a little fun!
10th December 2010 - 2 comments
Club members have asked me time and again to explain how I “build” a picture. It’s a personal thing – many admire the “finished” article and don’t really want to know how and some ask why? …

If you’re of the sensitive type look away now!

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Salon Rules - for everyone !
09th December 2010 - 0 comments
Recently I discovered, purely by chance, two similar images from two different photographers - both were successful in competition. Which photographer was the original author ? Read on...

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Acceptances in International Salons
09th December 2010 - 0 comments
A brief (not definitive)explanation...
When you enter an image in a salon, a team of judges (normally 3) will mark the image 1 – 5 marks. The max score is normally 15. The acceptance mark would normally be set at 12, so every image above this acceptance mark is judged again and awards are allocated. While an image may not attain a top mark of 15 a particular judge may feel it was his /her favourite so normally he/she has the option to award a salon medal / judge’s medal / ribbon to that image. Any image which receives an acceptance mark in an accredited salon counts towards distinctions in International Federations like FIAP (The Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique) and PSA (The Photographic Society of America). Each salon produces a “star-rated” catalogue or CD which is sent to each entrant. These catalogues form a collection of some of the best pictures in the world.
Website under construction
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Please bear with me while I arrange the website exactly as I want it - it will take a little while...